Skilled Guidance For Corporate Finance, Investments And Securities: Business Lawyer in Irvine

Need a business lawyer in Irvine? Raising capital, arranging financing and managing corporate investments are critical to the success of a business. At Centauri Law Group P.C. in Irvine, California, we represent partnerships, businesses and various corporate entities in a wide range of industries with tailored guidance in investment and securities matters. We understand that excellence is founded on a thorough analysis of the legal landscape, as well as the individual goals and objectives of our clients.

Corporate Lawyers With Investments And Securities Law Experience

Our legal practice on corporate finance, securities and capital market serve businesses and corporate entities with business-savvy and strategic representation in all manner of investment and securities transactions, including:

  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Securitization in structured financing arrangements
  • Equity offerings, including private placements and private investment in public equity (PIPEs)
  • Securities transactions and financing strategies associated with mergers and acquisitions
  • Compliance issues related to investment management
  • Venture capital issues
  • Financing strategies, including mezzanine financing arrangements
  • Debt offerings, including convertible securities matters

We draw on our corporate law experience to assist you in your efforts that transactions comply with the law, as well as serving the fundamental business interests of our clients. To that end, we explain the potential legal options that may be available to help our clients make strategic decisions with both the short-term and long-term in mind.