Experienced International Trade And International Business Representation

Do you need an international trade attorney in Orange County? International trade law is a niche legal area filled with many pitfalls that can quickly derail business deals and lead to massive expenses. With the assistance of the right lawyer, you can navigate past all of these dangers and pursue your international business ventures in a cost-effective manner.

At Centauri Law Group P.C. in Irvine, Orange County, our attorneys have basic communications skills in Spanish, Italian and French, English fluency and familiarity with a wide range of international laws and regulations. This allows our firm to assist you in addressing complex international matters and build a thriving business.

A sample of the services from an international trade attorney in Orange County at Centauri Law Group P.C. can provide includes:

  • Assisting you with bringing imports into the country for a wide variety of products and industries
  • Representing clients who wish to export products from the U.S. to other countries
  • Assisting U.S.-based companies with tax inversions so they can take advantage of tax benefits (more information on inversions in the section below)

You can rely on our experience with these and all other complex international trade law and business matters. We are well-versed in these situations, as we provide representation to clients in Europe and in nonEuropean countries around the world.

Tax Inversions Can Save Your Business Money

Medium and large businesses may wish to execute a corporate tax inversion. This process allows them to reincorporate overseas and become a foreign company for tax purposes. An inversion can allow a company to save money and become more competitive, which is a benefit for shareholders.

If a U.S. business owner wants to open a company abroad or do a tax inversion, the legal procedures will take place under U.S. and foreign law. Our attorneys can assist your company with California and federal law, and we will work with a lawyer overseas to ensure the foreign documents are prepared correctly.

The Experience Necessary For International Trade

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