Estate Planning

A well-thought-out estate plan is a collection of related documents and tools that places you in control of your finances now and in the future. Capitalizing on tools like trusts, wills, and powers of attorney, estate planning provides several key benefits to you and your family.

You may already be aware that an estate plan can keep your estate out of probate where the government — not you or your family — in charge of distributing your assets when you die. In addition to avoiding this time consuming and expensive process, a thorough estate plan provides several other advantages. A thorough estate plan considers your unique needs, including providing for others, such as minor children, special needs family members. It also entails asset protection, taxes, and charitable giving.

An estate plan provides peace of mind for both you and your family members and ensures your estate is managed according to your values and priorities. Without an estate plan, your family and loved ones bear the burden of distributing and managing your assets if you die or become disabled. For information on specific topics on California estate planning and how Centauri Law Group can help please visit our related pages:


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