The effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic remain unknown, but there is widespread concern that the economic effects may be devastating.  It is crucial for business owners to take a sober and thoughtful look at their businesses and start to plan for the future.  For most businesses, this means taking a very defensive posture.

If you own a business, whether it is “essential” or “non-essential”, financially struggling or on solid footing, open and active, not busy or closed, the time to act may be now. In the face of the dramatic impact of the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, there are many things your business should consider, and Centauri Law Group, P.C. can help.

One of the primary challenges businesses face right now is just staying financially above the water. Some businesses have had to shut down for practical reasons or due to governmental closure orders, yet many or most of their expenses continue. Other businesses might remain open, but face higher costs, loss of revenues, and difficult operating conditions, including a variety of potential liabilities. With the help of your legal, financial and accounting advisors, creative problem-solving and strategic planning may help.


Learn how to deal with the effects of the current COVID-19.

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