Legal Counsel For Complex Business Transactions

Need a corporate attorney in Irvine? While some transactional matters may appear to be simple, it is typically best to consult an attorney before taking action. It can be more difficult for business owners to anticipate all of the potential legal and tax consequences of a transaction. With a lawyer’s assistance, you will be able to foresee any potential pitfalls and avoid them.

At Centauri Law Group P.C., a corporate attorney in Irvine can provide skillful legal counsel for business transactions, whether they are straightforward or complex matters. Our services assist you in protecting the capital you have invested or earned through a transaction while decreasing your business’s exposure to risk and expense.

Considering Your Long-Term Goals For The Business

Transactions that a corporate attorney in Irvine at Centauri Law Group P.C. can assist your business with include:

We have extensive experience drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts of all types. We have also handled complex business litigation matters and can assist your business with a breach of contract claim or other dispute resolution needs.

As with all business matters, it is best to consult an attorney prior to making decisions about or executing a transaction. There may be regulatory compliance to consider or risks you are unaware of. Our Irvine corporate attorneys are well-versed in domestic and international rules and regulations that can affect your transaction, so obtaining our assistance at the beginning of the deal-making process can reduce your risk and help ensure that your business is protected in the future.

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