As businesses across the globe become more dependent on technology, the risks of cyber-attacks grow. Is your business positioned to thwart an infiltration of your computer systems or to stop an email virus from spreading? Do you have a strategy for avoiding these risks? Do your employees know what to do in the event of a cyber-attack? Cyber security for businesses is no laughing matter.


Create a Cyber-Security Strategy

Preparation is a key part of cyber security for businesses. It’s not a matter of if, but when, your business will come under some sort of attack via the internet. Start by identifying the information and intellectual property that need the highest levels of protection, and assess the potential risks to each. Less onerous systems can be used for less vulnerable areas. Verify that internal monitoring systems work, and outline steps that personnel will take when an alarm is tripped.


Develop a Risk-Adverse Culture

While you may have an entire department devoted to risk management, everyone across the organization should help bear the responsibility for cyber security for businesses. A healthy culture helps to create a strong resistance to attack. High expectations regarding ethical behavior and a system for monitoring interactions with colleagues and customers help boost the security within companies, departments and boards. A company that values professionalism from the CEO to the worker level has a better chance of avoiding a problem in the first place.


Limit Exposure to Cyber-Attacks

Everyone knows basic safety precautions when using email and internet-based systems, but many fail to follow them. A high level of security can be achieved by adhering to a number of simple steps, including:

  • Requiring that all employees change their various passwords on a regular basis.
  • Providing every employee his or her own access points and login credentials.
  • Deleting unused accounts, especially for former employees or customer access portals.
  • Understanding and using antivirus and malware products designed for the email systems and internet-based programs used by your business.

While no amount of prevention will stop every potential attack, doing what you can now (not later) may reduce your risk more than you will ever know.

We hope that the above provides some insight about cyber security for businesses. Please feel free to contact our firm if you have any questions.


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