Appealing A Court Decision In Business And Corporate Disputes

A trial court decision is often the first step in resolving a sophisticated business dispute. Even if you win the case overall, you may have an aspect of the case you want to challenge or a ruling you wish to overturn.

When you need to continue protecting your interests after losing a case at the trial court level, Centauri Law Group P.C. stands ready to serve as the trusted appellate advocates that you need fighting for you. We can handle your case from beginning to end – from initial complaint through the complex appeals process.

Entrepreneurs, business owners and corporations that need to protect or overturn a trial decision can rely on us for experienced representation. We can take a case from alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to a trial, and when necessary, all the way to an appeal. We are prepared to take on appeals involving all aspects of business and commercial law, contract law, intellectual property law and other legal matters.

How Appeals Are Different

The procedures of an appeal are not the same as the procedures for litigation at the trial court level. An appellate attorney must have the experience and skill to craft appellate arguments within the restrictions of the appellate court. This is a unique and specific skill set that relatively few attorneys have.

There is no new trial conducted in appellate court. Instead, the appellate court examines the trial record of the lower court trial for any legal errors. Both lawyers present briefs to the court, and the appellate court may hear oral arguments, depending on the specifics of the case.

Preserve Or Appeal An Outcome

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